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The Orthodontic Process

The Orthodontic Treatment Process

Below, in general, is the outline of West Roxbury Smiles orthodontic treatment process.

  • Consultation and Treatment Fees
  • Records
  • Treatment Plan
  • Treatment
  • Retention


During this visit, we will do an evaluation of the patient and determine the following:

  • Need of orthodontic treatment
  • What type of treatment
  • An approximate of how long the treatment is going to last

This will only be an examination. No treatment will be done.The orthodontist will advise you on what he/she thinks is necessary for you/your child.

You should be aware that orthodontic treatment will usually only be recommended if you/your child:

  • Has good oral health with no carious teeth or gum disease
  • Has good medical health
  • Is motivated to undergo a few years of treatment
  • Is willing to accept orthodontic responsibilities as a patient


The cost of orthodontic treatment may vary from patient to patient. The fees charged usually depend on the complexity of the treatment and the materials used during treatment.

Should you decide on having orthodontic treatment, your orthodontist will discuss the fee with you before treatment is commenced.


During this appointment, diagnostic records will be taken.

This may involve any/all of the following:

  • History and Examination
  • Impressions for Study Models
  • Photographs of your face and teeth
  • Radiographs as necessary

These records will be used to assess your teeth and occlusion (bite) and plan your orthodontic treatment.


During this appointment, the doctor will discuss his/her orthodontic treatment plan, which he/she feels is suitable for your problem.

If you accept the plan, you must be aware that you are committing yourself to 2-3 years of treatment, with appointments every 1-2 months.



Congratulations your braces are off!

You have now completed your active orthodontic treatment. You will be given retainers to wear. The purpose of these retainers is to hold the teeth and prevent them from moving back to their original position (relapse).

A common regime of retainer wear is as follows:

  • 12 months full-time wear.
  • 12 months part-time (eg. night-time only) wear.
  • Continued wear, a few nights each week, indefinitely.

The orthodontist will advise you of the best option in your case.

Visit West Roxbury Smiles or call us at 617.327.4321 to discuss orthodontic treatment plan for your child.