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About us

About Us

Our Key Features

West Roxbury Smiles is a comprehensive pediatric dentistry and orthodontics practice that provides your children the following top features:

We have over 30 years of pediatric dentistry and orthodontics experience

We are conveniently located in West Roxbury, MA

We offer financing options

We have lower fees than most practices

We provide 24/7 dental emergency care

We provide high standard and personapzed pediatric dental care and orthodontic treatment

We are a certified, experienced, highly trained and caring team of pediatric dentists, orthodontists and dental assistants.

We are a mercury-free dental office

We have a caring, safe and fun atmosphere

We use safe, biocompatible BPA-free dental products, as well as gluten-free and dye-free products

Our Mission

Our mission at West Roxbury Smiles is to provide high quality pediatric dental and orthodontic care in a child-friendly and safe environment using safe biocompatible dental materials. We are committed to providing your child the optimum dental care they deserve in a gentle, caring, and fun atmosphere.

Why We are Different

Our health-focused approach emphasizes oral health education, prevention, diagnosis and treatment necessary to maintain the oral health of infants, children and adolescents. At West Roxbury Smiles, oral health is more than just clean teeth; it is an integral component to general health. A healthy mouth correlates with a healthy body. Having healthy teeth is a life-long commitment that begins in childhood.

Mercury-Free Pediatric Dentistry

Our practice only uses the safest, biocompatible products for our patients. We are a mercury free practice and do not use silver, amalgam fillings which contain mercury. Instead we use composite white fillings and dental sealants that do not contain Bisphenol-A. Rest assured that we are concerned with the overall health of your child.

Why Choose a Pediatric Dentist?

Pediatric dentists are the pediatricians of dentistry. In addition to four years of general dental training, they have completed a minimum of two years of advanced and specialized training which uniquely qualifies them to care for children. If you are receiving care at an office offering “general dentistry for children” you are not seeing a pediatric dentist.

If you or your child is anxious about dentistry, outstanding oral health is still possible. If your child has medical, developmental or social problems, high quality dental care is still an option. Our dentists have been treating patients in these situations for many years and are dedicated to helping you reach your oral health goals.

For more information regarding pediatric dentistry and orthodontics, please contact West Roxbury Smiles at 617.327.4321 today.